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Fun, SAFE, Supervised Youth Entertainment!

  • millions of children!
  • 33 years of experience!

Our number one goal is to provide each and every child who enters any of our locations a positive, fun, and safe environment for them to let loose and have fun! This basic goal has allowed us to provide a positive place for millions of children over the past 33 years!

One of the primary reasons for the long term success of Planet Kidz, Friday Nite Live!, and Fun Time Live is our unique ability to adapt to the needs of the latest generation of children. Our program is never just a fad or grows outdated!

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I'm Dale Oakes with Planet Kidz, Fun Time Live & Friday Night Live in communities like Alexandria VA.

Over the last 30 years I've dedicated my life to help children have a safe place to go on either a Friday night or a Saturday night. I'm talking about kindergarten through fifth grade, or first grade through sixth grade, or third through eighth having a safe place to bring them we work with several different school districts up litter from the community center several different churches listen we'd love to talk to you about bringing our program to your school if it's a charter school or a private school or whatever may it be. If you're interested in one of our youth programs reach out to us we'd love to talk to you.

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"The mission of Wellness by Choice is to educate and connect wellness minded individuals with trustworthy experts I've come to know, like and trust so that you may too!"



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